A DPO roles and benefits

The core of the DPO role is to provide the company with the capabilities to use personal data in accordance with laws and protect the interests of your customers. A successful DPO can create a balance between compliance and your business activities.

A DPO roles:

✔️ monitoring obligations and compliance with regulation
✔️ governance
✔️ acting as a contact point for individuals on all issues relating to the processing of their personal data
✔️ supporting and helping you demonstrate your compliance with the GDPR
✔️ contact point for Data Protection Inspectorate
✔️ cooperation and acting in terms of data breach
✔️ awareness and GDPR trainings


Outsourced DPO benefits:

🔸 guide your business through a complex approach to privacy regulation
🔸 cost effectiveness, practical and technical solutions
🔸 avoid conflict of interest and give independent expertise
🔸 recommendations to implement technical and organizational measures that will add significantly to your corporate protection
🔸 build trust with your customers, employees and stakeholders
🔸 handle professionally to data subjects requests
🔸 providing you advice and manage internal data protection activities
🔸 act promptly and professionally in case of data breach

If you have any questions on DPO functions or you need to know more about DPO requirements, contact Julia Gramma at julia.gramma@corelegal.eu