Julia Gramma


Attorney-at-law / Partner

Tegutsemisaastaid: 16

My vision about modern law firm

It’s often heard that lawyers are slow to change. In CORE Legal we reject that tradition and embrace technology as a tool to help serve our clients more efficiently. Thanks to using the latest technology we are flexible, efficient and mobile. We can focus on what our clients hire us to do – advocate on their behalf and work diligently toward the desired result.

Career overview

I am passionate about data privacy law and novel technologies. My practice area focuses also on corporate governance, compliance and AML law. I am committed to providing my clients with effective representation based on their individual needs. My experience includes representation of both companies and individuals in various court disputes.

For nearly 8 years I have participated in a numerous data protection cases, including implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), conducting data audits and gap assessments, data impact assessments (DIA), I help clients develop and implement internal rules concerning data processing. i.e privacy policy, cookie policy, data processing records, data retention and breaches policy.

I am acting as a data protection officer (DPO) and know all aspects of the data subjects request and activities in terms of data processing on the daily basses.

I enjoy to conduct the trainings, which helps our clients teach their staff and demonstrating compliance.


2011: Estonian Bar Association


2006: MA in Law from the University of Tallinn

2005: BA in Law from the University of Tallinn (former name University of NORD)