Mari Männiko


Partner / Attorney-at-Law

Years active: 24

About me

My understanding of the law is based on the principle that both sides should always be heard. There is no right or wrong when it comes to law. In disputes, I frequently defend principles that I personally do not endorse even in the slightest, simply so that different viewpoints can also be represented. I like details, especially those that seem inconsequential at first glance. I am also interested in situations that appear hopeless at first, but in which, when you dig deeper, you discover that the problem is perfectly solvable. I am always happy to debate in court, but, for me, the most satisfying cases are the ones where the parties reach an agreement.

Career overview

Mari was admitted to the Estonian Bar Association in 1996. With the exception of three very exciting years at Ekspress Grupp, she has since worked as an attorney at a number of law firms.

She joined CORE Legal on 12 March 2020, just a few hours before the Prime Minister declared a state of emergency.

Mari is an experienced data protection officer, who, in addition to her practical experience, also possesses an excellent theoretical knowledge base, which she has been passing on to students as a data protection lecturer at the University of Tartu for 10 years running.

She has conducted dozens of data protection training courses in various areas of data protection and has always received positive feedback from participants.

She is an experienced trial attorney and an talented negotiator with excellent analytical thinking skills, and is always happy to work towards a compromise. Areas of law in which Mari feels especially at home include data protection, media law, labour law, and insolvency proceedings.


Estonian Bar Association


 1995: Baccalaureus artium in Law from the University of Tartu (declared equivalent to Master’s degree)

1999: LL.M. (Master of Laws) in Comparative Political Science from the Central European University (Budapest).


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  • 2012: article in the journal International School of Law and Practice (2012, 7(2)), Is impersonalization of personal data of parties in civil proceeding necessary and lawful? ISSN 2029-574X (online);
  • 2014: article Intermediary Service Providers’ Liability Exemptions: Where Can We Draw the Line? Collection Regulating eTechnologies in the European Union, Springer, ISBN 978-3-319-08117-5