10 June 2020  We are pleased that you are visiting our website www.corelegal.eu (hereinafter also ‘the website’ ). The website is owned and operated by Advokaadibüroo CORE Legal OÜ (Narva mnt 31, 10123 Tallinn, Republic of Estonia) (hereinafter ‘CORE’, ‘we’, ‘us’ ). In these terms of use, visitors to the website are referred to as ‘the visitor’, ‘you’, ‘the client’, or through other contextual references to the consumer of the content of the website. The terms of use of CORE’s website apply to your use of the content of the website at any time, in any manner, or in any form, such as when you browse our website, read the published materials, download materials, extract information from the website, make a purchase, or send us an enquiry via the website. As such, we kindly ask you to familiarise yourself with the content of these terms of use so that you will understand what you are agreeing to when using the website. If you have any questions about these terms of use, please e-mail us at info@corelegal.eu. CORE values the privacy of its clients. Our personal data processing principles and data protection rules are set out in our privacy policy which can be found here.  



The information and materials available on the website (hereinafter ‘content’) have been published for informational, educational, and/or marketing purposes, in good faith and to express our views. This also applies to any content we have sent to you outside of our client relationship, regardless of whether the content is paid or free, freely available, or provided on-demand as a service. The provision of content published on the website or ordered through the website is not considered the provision of a legal service or the establishment of a client relationship between you and Law Firm CORE Legal OÜ. The basic terms for establishing a customer relationship are described below. Sending an enquiry to one of CORE’s attorneys does not establish an attorney-client relationship between you, but your enquiries are always protected by confidentiality. This means that your correspondence with CORE or CORE’s attorneys and the information disclosed in the course of your correspondence will be confidential, except as required by law. The content and materials published on the website are not intended to be used as a reliable source for making decisions that will have legal consequences for you or third parties. Sending an enquiry to us via the website does not guarantee that a client relationship will be established between us. The information published on the website about our services is informative and indicative; to find out the exact terms of each service, please contact us separately.


In order to establish an attorney-client relationship, a separate agreement is required between us. This agreement is usually concluded by the client signalling their requirements and briefly describing which service they want or need. If the client’s request concerns third parties, we will also ask for information about those parties to ensure that there is no conflict of interest in accepting the job. When establishing a client relationship, we will indicate whether we can accept the client/job as well as present the terms for the provision of the service (fee, deadline, service provider). Attorney services are generally provided at an hourly rate. Service solutions are provided at the level of the service solution model described on our website; more detailed terms for the provision of the service will be agreed separately with you. If you wish to receive an offer, please contact us. A client relationship is deemed established as soon as all essential preconditions have been met, including your acceptance of the terms of our offer, your submission of the necessary information and documents about you, and our confirmation of having received the latter. Client relationships are established privately by e-mail.


Browsing the content of the website or consuming, downloading, or purchasing it cannot be considered usage of the legal services of an attorney. We do not recommend that you make any personal decisions regarding the application of law based on the content of our website. To receive personal counsel, you should contact us and enter into a client agreement with us. Any information provided on our website about legal matters, laws, case law, etc., is purely informative and is not intended for commercial use without personal counsel from an attorney. Advokaadibüroo CORE Legal OÜ does not guarantee the validity, completeness, reliability, currency, or accuracy of the published information. All content is presented as-is and Advokaadibüroo CORE Legal OÜ provides no assurances regarding the content. Visitors are prohibited from using the website and the enquiry forms provided on the website in a manner that violates the rights of CORE or third parties; for example, in a manner that constitutes harassment, infringement of privacy and personal rights, or infringement of licence terms, or threatening, defamatory, offensive, vilifying, obscene, vulgar, unlawful, or otherwise inappropriate conduct, or incites others to unlawful conduct, or gives rise to public and/or civil liability. We do not warrant that the website will be constantly available, changeless, and safe to use, or that it will meet your expectations.


The content of the website is provided for your use for personal and lawful purposes. By ordering a service via the website, you confirm that you are of legal age, possess the right of representation, and accept these terms of use. The content of the website is intended for personal use only. Ordering services for third parties or sharing purchased content with third parties is prohibited. Content sharing is the downloading, copying, transmission, making available to the public (including digital sharing, e.g. linking), processing, etc., of content or materials. The related restrictions do not, however, apply to the sharing of content on social media via pre-existing functions on the website (linking tools) – in such cases, you may presume that we consent to the sharing of the content presented on the website in the form in which it is displayed. Editing shared content is not permitted.


CORE also offers a newsletter service. The service is free of charge and consists of CORE sending, once per month on average, a newsletter to the e-mail address provided by the user. CORE does not assume any responsibility or liability for the content and the delivery of the newsletter. The content of the newsletter is not personalised and should not be considered as legal advice or a legal service. To unsubscribe from the newsletter, please send an e-mail to info@corelegal.eu or use the corresponding link provided at the end of the newsletter.


The website contains an online store where visitors can download sample documents made available by us either – at our discretion – free of charge or for a fee. Regardless of whether the materials are free or paid, you may not treat the purchase as receipt of legal services or establishment of a client relationship between Advokaadibüroo CORE Legal OÜ and you. Use of the sample documents for personal purposes, including business and economic activities, is entirely at your own risk. We do not guarantee that the purchased sample will suit your needs. Our recommendation is to consult an attorney before using the sample document. In the case of purchased materials, the purchase cannot be withdrawn after the materials have been delivered, i.e. sent by e-mail to the e-mail address provided by you.


The CORE trademark and the design of the website are protected and their right of use belongs to Advokaadibüroo CORE Legal OÜ. The website contains copyrighted material. The copyright of news, blog posts, service descriptions, person profiles, sample documents, etc., published on the website is held by CORE, and such content may only be used under a licence granted by CORE. In the interest of better provision of our services, the website may contain linked material, the rights to which are held by a third party, and the terms of use of such material are defined by the holder of the relevant rights. We do not accept responsibility for any material or views of third parties published or referenced on the website, nor do we guarantee the availability of the content of such material. Upon accepting the terms of use, you are granted the right to browse and consume the content of the website for personal use in accordance with the terms of use. You may not modify, publish, transmit, mediate, sell, translate, create derivative works of, share, present, or copy the content of the website, whether in whole or in part. In the event of a breach of the terms of use or our privacy policy, we have the right to terminate the provision of our services to you. The website may contain works created by others and made available for public use, in particular photographs. The terms of use of such works are defined by their authors. For example, we use photographic material published for free use on pexels.com, depositphoto.com, or the Canva application.


We reserve the right to change these terms of use at any time and at our sole discretion. Any changes will take effect upon the publication of the changed terms on the website. We recommend that you review our terms of use and privacy policy before consuming the content of this website.


In no event will CORE be liable to you or any third party for any damage (direct or indirect) that may be incurred in connection with the use of the content or materials on the website. Access to and use of the content and materials is at your sole discretion and risk, and you are solely responsible for the consequences of consuming and using the content.


The website may contain references to third parties, such as our partners or clients. Any information about third parties on our website has been published with the consent of the respective persons. References to third parties do not imply that these persons are involved in CORE’s business operations or services or that the client relationship is ongoing. APPLICABLE LAW AND RESOLUTION OF DISPUTES Advokaadibüroo CORE Legal OÜ operates on the basis and under the conditions of the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia. Estonian law also applies to these terms of use and our website. If you have any complaints about our website or its content, please let us know. We will attempt to resolve all disputes by negotiating an agreement. If this fails, the dispute will be resolved by the Harju County Court in Tallinn. We hope you enjoy using our website!